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This is now the official page for all NOTES AND SUMMARIES from our camp's sessions, 

which were written and updated LIVE by volunteer notetakers on the day of the event.


The insight and results displayed in these notes will be used in our

final open source ForeignPolicyCamp report package to be released in the near future.


For details on the Vancouver sessions, you can view the old participant

package from the Vancouver event HERE.







Africa case study


Arctic Sovereignty case study


Asia Pacific case study



The Americas case study


US/ Canada Relations case study


Afghanistan case study 


Canada and ICT4D: Past, Present and Future


Social Media in Policy Advocacy





Citizen Engagement and Climate Policy: Copenhagen and Beyond


Engaging Diasporas in Foreign Policy


Global Supply Chain


Human Security & Global Security


Social Entrepreneurs in the Global Arena


The Responsibility of the Disability Sector to Developing Countries


Gender Equality - East to West


Conscious Communication/ New Paradigm Toolset





Indigenous Rights #1, David


Indigenous Rights #2, Aliza





Live Updates from Toronto






Summary and Notes From Montreal Event


Quando desideri una cosa, tutto l’Universo trama affinché tu possa realizzarla. (Paulo Coelho)




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Sedigheh said

at 11:17 am on Oct 27, 2009

I would like to propose a session on the role of Canadian educators in empowering young school girls (from the ages of 6 to 18 years of age) in Afghanistan .

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