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Open Session Proposals

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Do you have an open session idea that you think will be perfect for this camp, or do you 

have a session you'd like to attend? Here's your place to list those ideas! 


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the field to the right of this window. Then click on the 'EDIT' tab at the top of this page!




Things to Keep in Mind:



1) We will  have an experienced open-session facilitator present at the beginning of the day when each session is put up on the schedule

and proposed -- and we have many rooms, from 4-5 person rooms to 40 person rooms, available for all varieties of open sessions you

put on the table!


2) Open sessions can either governed by Chatam House rules (a privacy method, for more information see the official website here) or be

entirely open and potentially shared via live stream and other online interactions. It is up to your discretion as an Open Session organizer

to decide which would be best for your session.





Want to help out with a session, or planning to propose your own? Edit here!


1) Role of Artists in Representing Canada Overseas

2) Engaging Diasporas in Foreign Policy

organized by the Mosaic Institute

3) Engaging Citizens in Climate Policy - Copenhagen and Beyond

organized by U of Calgary members

4) Video Creating Workshop with 25@25

organized by the Asia Pacific Foundation









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